Cries of Foul Play

This weeks protests were a great public display of discontent with the current system that has ushered in this latest cycle of bust and served to collect the vast majority of the world’s resources in the pockets of a few. Despite the diversity of opinions present at the protests, like so many public displays of rage over the last few years there was unity under the banner of ‘anti-capitalism’. Events like these serve to remind us that we are many and we are angry.

We cannot, however, ignore that from the din outside the national bank the majority of the public do not see a ‘viable alternative’ emanating from our disparate horde. To then focus our attention on our masters keepers as they do their bidding seems at best a distraction and at worst naïve. That the police will use force to get us off the streets to resume ‘business as usual’ is to put it plainly, their job. While it is right that we highlight their tactics and demonstrate the use of the police to suppress dissident voices it is more important that we do not get distracted by this conflict and revel in our sense of injustice.

It is upon the exploited and angry, the powerless and the alienated that we must focus if we are ever to rise above our spats with the police and sweep them aside.


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