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Trying to make sense of the G20 protests

There have been ominous signs of it coming for some time but it seemed protesters were still unprepared for the level of police violence that was unleashed in London yesterday. The infamous kettling tactics of the British police have claimed their first life and there are numerous reports of head wounds, crushing and unprovoked attack. Today the convergence centre and Ramparts have been raided by riot cops and there are reports of further arrests. When we attack capital the defenders of capital will hit back, viciously.

On the positive side, thousands of anti-capitalists made it onto the streets to disrupt the smiling facade of capital’s leadership conference with graffiti, uncontrollability and a good old fashioned bank trashing. A branch of RBS was well and truly gutted. Protesters also managed to swoop onto Bishopsgate and set up a temporary climate camp, although, true to form, the boys in blue violently evicted it later in the day.

Anarchists from Nottingham were there and we hope that they are in one piece and make use of this space to tell their stories. We will need to make sure we show solidarity with those injured and arrested who may be facing serious charges. There may well be further arrests days and even months down the line. It is essential that support is given to those who have risked their lives and freedom to fight capital.

This statement from Glasgow anarchists says it all. The fight continues…